While investing can at times seem overwhelming, academic research can be broken down into what we call the Key Concepts to Financial Success. If you examine your own life, you’ll find that it is often the simpler things that consistently work. Successful investing is no different. However, it is easy to have your attention drawn to the wrong issues. These wrong issues—the noise—can derail your journey.


We will walk through these concepts and then explain how successful institutional investors incorporate each of these concepts into their investment plans.


These plans both meet their fiduciary responsibilities and achieve their financial goals. You owe yourself and your family nothing less than what the institutional investors have.


It’s important to note here that while these concepts are designed to maximize return, no strategy can eliminate risk, which is inherent in all investments.


Whenever you invest, you have to accept some risk. It’s also important to remember that you’re responsible for reviewing your portfolio and risk tolerance and for keeping your financial adviser current on any changes in either your risk tolerance or your life that might affect your investment objectives.

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