If you are faced with the prospect of finding care for yourself or your loved ones right now, you are probably feeling emotionally drained.  We know how difficult it can be, to navigate these issues, because we have had similar, personal experiences. 


We have known about the ageing population in the UK for many decades, however, it is only recently that the demands on social care have become more widely understood and publicised. 


As families have dispersed, geographically and community / state support has reduced, more responsibility has been placed upon individuals, to look after themselves in later life.


The importance of planning for this eventually is essential. Whether your goal is to leave a legacy, provide for your own care, or to enable you or your partner to stay in your own home, our experts are here to help you navigate the maze.


At Zen Wealth, we have the specialist knowledge required to help guide you through the complex options available.


We work with individuals, families and powers of attorney.  We understand your circumstances and tailor our advice to your needs. 


Whether you feel that life is slowing down and becoming a struggle, or that you need help around the home or are the point of entering a care home, we can help tailor a plan to suit you.

Is a Care Home my only option?​

The options available will depend on your own personal circumstances.  The level of support and funding available will depend on your own personal circumstances.  Be sure to have spoken to a care provider and have an assessment. 

I am concerned about running out money?

Anyone with over £23,250 of capital will be required to fund there own care.  If you own your own property, this may be included in a capital assessment.  


 A large number of people that require care are in danger of running out of money. There are options, be sure to know what yours are.  

What are the implications for your family?

Whether it is emotional or financial, requiring care impacts on those closest to you.  Whether it is freeing up time to spend it with you rather than for you or your concerned about leaving a legacy. 


Understanding your options and what they mean for you will help provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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