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When it comes to investing your money, making regular investments can offer more benefits than investing a lump sum.

So you have a lump sum to invest. What now? Do you invest it all at once or bit by bit? Will soaring inflation, rising interest rates and further supply chain disruption fuel market volatility this year and impact on your lump sum?

Fear and worry are understandable, but trying to second-guess the impact of events – or even attempting to make a bet on them – rarely pays off and understandably can deter some people from investing.

Pound cost averaging enables you to create a more disciplined investment approach and removes some of the worry about making lump sum investments at the wrong time. It also enables you to take advantage of market volatility, and although it is not guaranteed to be the best strategy, it does offer a low maintenance and lower stress approach.

To find out how Pound cost averaging can benefit you, download our free guide now.

Pound cost averaging
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